The Second International Workshop on Market Design Technologies for Sustainable Development

The aim of this workshop is to bring together people working on market design from different fields and to present/discuss their original researches on market design technologies for sustainable development. The program consists of invited talks by world-leading researchers in artificial intelligence, computer science, discrete mathematics, and economics. 
This workshop is organized in cooperation with Graduate School of Information Science and Electrical Engineering (ISEE) at Kyushu University, as one of the ISEE Symposia Series.

DATE: August 17 (Sun.) -- 18 (Mon.), 2014

VENUE: Raiosha Building, Hiyoshi Campus of Keio University, JAPAN

  • Thomas Ågotnes (University of Bergen, Norway)
  • Bettina Klaus (University of Lausanne, Switzerland)
  • Fuhito Kojima (Stanford, US)
  • Takumi Kongo (Fukuoka University, Japan)
  • Jay Sethuraman (Columbia, US)
  • Takuo Sugaya (Stanford, US)
  • Milind Tambe (University of Southern California, US)
PROGRAM: revised on Aug 12
  • Sunday, Aug. 17
    • 09:30--09:35 Opening
    • 09:35--10:30 Yusuke Inami: Properties of the equilibrium revenues in buy price auctions
    • 10:30--11:30 Yosuke Sekiguchi: Stability and Competitive Equilibrium in Extended Trading Networks with Discrete Concave Utility Functions
    • 11:30--13:30 Lunch Meeting (for Board Members Only)
    • 13:30--14:30 Milind Tambe: Towards a Science of Security Games: Key Algorithmic Principles, Deployed Applications and Research Challenges
    • 14:30--15:30 Takuo Sugaya: Characterizing the Limit Correlated Equilibrium Payoff Set with General Monitoring
    • 15:30--16:00 Coffee Break
    • 16:00--17:00 Oskar Skibski: Algorithms for the Myerson and Shapley Values in Graph-restricted Games
    • 17:00--17:30 Yukihiko Funaki: Several bases of a game space and an application to the Shapley value
    • 17:30--20:00 Welcome Reception/Board Meeting
  • Monday, Aug. 18
    • 09:30--10:30 Jay Sethuraman: Equivalence results in the allocation of indivisible objects: A unified view
    • 10:30--11:30 Makoto Yokoo: Designing Matching Mechanisms under Constraints: An Approach from Discrete Convex Analysis
    • 11:30--13:30 Lunch Meeting (for Board Members Only)
    • 13:30--14:30 Fuhito Kojima: Stable Matching in Large Economies (joint with Yeon-Koo Che and Jinwoo Kim)
    • 14:30--15:30 Bettina Klaus: Roommate Market Core Characterizations
    • 15:30--16:00 Coffee Break
    • 16:00--16:45 Takumi Kongo: An alternative axiomatization of the Hirsch index
    • 16:45--17:45 Thomas Ågotnes: Epistemic Boolean Games
    • 17:45--17:50 Closing

REGISTRATION: Please access registration website. If you're an invited speaker or a project member, you do not need to register by yourself.

CONTACT: Taiki Todo (Kyushu University, Japan)